History Hub Centenary Features


History Hub presents historical documents from the UCD Archives with analysis from historians.

DATE: Ongoing

VENUE: Online

This project involves the recording and broadcast of podcasts. Amongst the podcasts for the coming two years is a six-part series recorded by Dr Jeff Kildea based on the role of Irish soldiers at Gallipoli and a further podcast series around the 1916 Rising. 
In tandem with the UCD Archives, historyhub.ie also produces a monthly documents series, drawing on the extraordinary collection based in the UCD Archives.

History Hub.ie is based at the School of History & Archives, University College Dublin. Our ambition is to make the most recent academic research available on-line to everyone who loves history. Our podcasts feature historians talking about a whole range of subjects from medieval to modern history, both Irish and international. Our From the Archives section showcases original historical documents held in the Archive at UCD. We also have a History and Policy section where historians contribute to current policy debates.

General Editors: Paul Rouse and Mike Liffey

History and Policy Editors: Sarah Campbell and Conor Mulvagh

From the Archives Editor: Conor Mulvagh

Podcast Editors: Mike Liffey and Paul Rouse

Web Editor: Mike Liffey (info@historyhub.ie)

This project has been funded by

University College Dublin Decade of Centenaries Award